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Organs on Demand

We’re developing human-compatible porcine organs, in order to solve the global shortage of organs available for transplantation, as well as substantially reduce the need for immunosuppressive drugs following organ transplantation.

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Nayacure is building a pipeline of therapeutic assets and product candidates to address a range of diseases.

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Harnessing the body's natural ability to stop bleeding, promote wound healing, fight infection and regenerate lost tissues.

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An unlimited supply of human-compatible organs, to address the global shortage of organs available for transplantation.

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Changing the way stem cells are used for therapy. Instead of using cells we are using what the cells produce, thus solving many cell-related problems.

Our Approach

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” 
Leonardo da Vinci

We seek innovative ideas to solve complex problems.
Simplicity and creativity are at the heart of our innovation.


About us:
we are family

Nayacure Labs is a regenerative medicine company whose mission is to discover and develop technologies to restore the function of failing body parts and extend human life. 

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/// Shahar Cohen, MD


Shahar is a physician, researcher and entrepreneur. Formerly a research fellow at Tissue Engineering Centre, Imperial College London (UK) and at Stem Cell Center, Faculty of Medicine, Technion (Israel), he has published several peer reviewed scientific papers, including cover art in Tissue Engineeringbook chapter, Acta Biomaterialia paper, Artificial Organs paper, nature's Scientific Reports paper, abstracts in Conference Proceedings, and has several issued or pending patents. 

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/// Noa First Cohen


Noa has always had a true passion for treating and helping people.

For over a decade, Noa has been driven by her ambition to solve some of the toughest problems within the healthcare space, trying to make the greatest impact on people’s lives.  Noa leverages a unique set of visionary, creative and strategic skills, and a true entrepreneurial drive. 

She is married to Shahar and is the proud mom of Maya, Naomi and Jonathan.

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